Kore Projects is a mobile project management system that is easy for anyone to use.


Implement Kore Projects into your working day and become instantly more organised than ever before!


Make the most of every working hour. Use Kore Projects to cut wasted time out of your business day.


Taking control of your business has never been easier. Kore Projects is simple to use and quick to get results.

What's keeping you from the benefits of Project Management Software?

For most people the answer is simple. Their business simply doesn't require the numerous features and applications that most programs come with. They would be paying for something they would not use and would end up wasting time they were supposed to be saving trying to figure out how to use their new system.

Not with Kore Projects. We have taken the essential features of project management software and put them into a program that meets the needs of smaller, less complex businesses. Think tradespeople, mobile companies, internet businesses etc. We've kept it easy to use so that even the least computer literate of your staff will be able to get involved. We're so confident you'll love it that we'll even give you the chance to try it for free, no obligation.

So what's keeping you from the benefits of project management software now?