Clearer Organization

See all your current and upcoming projects in one place. Rank jobs in order of priority, upload files and input additional notes with ease. Everything that matters in every project on your books is stored in one location. You will feel more in control of your business than ever before.

Sharper Communication

Say goodbye to communication breakdowns. With Kore Projects you can let all staff members, clients and even outside contractors see everything that is happening with a job the moment it happens. The result? More projects finished on time and a diary full of satisfied clients.

Increased Efficiency

How many hours a week does your business currently waste with unnecessary phone calls, staff turning up unprepared, or other avoidable errors? Kore Projects can make these a thing of the past, eliminating the possibility of miscommunications and confusions. What could your business achieve with a few extra hours a week?

Manage on the go

The great thing about a cloud based management system is that it will allow you to work from anywhere. You can be monitoring your current projects while scoping out a new one… or even getting in a cheeky nine holes!

Centralized Data

All your contacts, previous jobs and quotes are now just a few clicks away. You’ll never be looking behind your desk for that lost phone number again!

Customizable Settings

Input all the services, service areas and rates that are common to your business, then simply click on them when you need to create the details of a new job or update a current one. No more writing out similar receipts time and time again – Kore Projects turns quoting and invoicing into a job that can be done in seconds.

Easy to Use

Kore Projects has been designed to be used by anybody - even those with even the most basic computer skills. Try it for free today and you will be amazed at how quickly your new Project Management System is up, running and saving you money!

Try it for free today and benefits to your business will include:

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