Is Kore Projects right for my business?

Kore Projects will benefit any small to medium sized business that wants to become more organized. Typically our clients are businesses that perform similar tasks on a repeat basis such as tradespeople, mobile companies or even internet businesses. Our system has been designed to enable businesses of this kind to cut back on administration time and concentrate on fitting more chargeable hours into the day. If this sounds like something you want to achieve then Yes – Kore Projects is right for you!

Do I need to train my staff to use Kore Projects?

The great thing about Kore Projects is that it requires absolutely no training to use. It has been designed to be suitable for anyone, even those with the most basic computer skills. This means that your entire workforce will be reaping the timesaving, productivity enhancing benefits of project management software in no time.

Which plan is right for me?

The price plan is based around how many projects you are likely to use in a month. Choose a plan that you think reflects how many projects you will take on each month. You can always increase or decrease your monthly allowance if your needs change.

How much access can I give others?

By inviting a contact, be they a staff member, a contractor or a client into your project you allow them access to everything that you can see. This means that communication between all parties becomes much easier. If one member needs access to project information they can simply log in rather than wasting time calling around.

Is my account safe?

Your account, which will contain private information such as client's contact details and job information, is completely secure. It can be accessed only by those whom you invite. Your invites are for single projects rather than your whole account so your data will be seen only by those you want to see it.

Which systems is Kore Projects compatible with?

Kore Projects is compatible with all standard systems. It can be operated from an iPad, Laptop or a PC, so whatever mobile device you prefer to do business on, Kore Projects will be there to help. Vist our Help for more details on this.

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