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Wasted Time becomes Working Hours

Kore Projects is the project management system that will enable your business to become more productive than ever. Timewasting phone calls and lost emails are a thing of the past. A click of a mouse or the touch of an i-pad and your entire team are empowered with everything they need to know to get the job done.

• Everybody in the Know – Staff can access all projects they are working on and see exactly what stage a job is at. Real time updates mean no turning up unprepared to a job. All relevant notes and files and maps are just the touch of an i-pad away.

• Real Time Updates – Job Status can be updated the minute it has changed. All parties granted access to the job can see immediately when a job status alters so that the next stage can get underway immediately.

• Inter-business Communication – Outside contractors you may be working alongside can be invited to view your jobs, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication and allowing for speedy transitions between teams.

• Central Storage - All your old jobs and quotes are automatically archived and all your contacts are stored in one place. You’ll never waste time searching for that lost phone number or old invoice again.

• Manage on the go – Being able to manage your business remotely frees up time and allows you to complete vital tasks more effectively.

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